Trademarks, Service Marks & Branding

► We help you brand your product or service, through the selection of trademarks, protecting them and enforcing your branding rights. With decades of experience as a trademark and branding attorney, we can assist you in developing a brand image that has an impact and is suitable for your products and services. 

► Obtaining a trademark or service mark can be a relatively simple process providing you do your homework. 

► We assist you in searching, clearing and registering your trademarks. Typically, you select one or several marks that you believe you want to adopt; we do a search on one or all of your marks to determine which would be the best to use, e.g., free from interfering with other marks being used and free from legal issues, and advise you on branding issues. 

► We then file a trademark application covering the use of the selected mark on your goods or services that you plan to use the mark on or on which you are presently using the mark. 

► Generally, the application proceeds through the office with relatively few legal obstacles. However, once in a while there are issues, i.e. the trademark Examiner believes there are marks similar to yours, descriptiveness, etc., issues that we will provide guidance for overcoming. 

► Trademarks and design patents on the look of your product or its packaging can also be obtained, however this is a more complex process. 

► Costs in obtaining a trademark are generally reasonable and controllable. We also assist you in policing and enforcing your trademark rights and counseling you in transactions related to your trademarks, e.g., licensing, assignments, etc.