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► Patents: the process for obtaining them, policing them and enforcing your rights in patents is complex.

► There are several types of patents, i.e., design patents, provisional applications, utility patents, reissue patents, foreign patents, and it is important to understand their relationship to your invention, your business plans, your resources and the effort you want to expend in obtaining such patents. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website is an excellent place to get some grounding in patents. It is our job to guide you through this complex maze, select the right options for you and to provide you with quality legal services that are cost effective for your situation. The advice and recommendations that I give to an independent inventor or start-up business can be very different than that given to a large multi-national corporation. 

► Generally, we can deal with most technologies. If we cannot, we will let you know and recommend an attorney or law firm that can. 

► Usually the first question a client asks is “How much does a patent cost?” My usual response is “How much does a house cost?” Perhaps a bit flippant, but it puts the issue in perspective. Costs depend on the technology, the complexity of the invention, how crowded the “art” (technology) is and the obstacles that we run into during the prosecution of the patent application. The costs for preparing, filing and prosecuting a patent application will be reviewed in detail at the Initial Consultation. 

► We also can assist you in policing and enforcing your patent rights and counseling you in transactions related to your trademarks, e.g., licensing, assignments, etc.

► With decades of experience, we can assist you in developing a brand image that is has impact and is suitable for your products and services.